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 OC Character - Zack 'Lorenzo' Grey

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Lorenzo Grey

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PostSubject: OC Character - Zack 'Lorenzo' Grey   OC Character - Zack 'Lorenzo' Grey I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2012 2:05 pm

General Information

First Name: Zachary
Middle Name(s): Lorenzo
Last Name: Grey

Age: 23

Work Place/ School: Lorenzo works for a local newspaper as a investigative journalist/photo-journalist.

Mother: Lily Grey - A lovely, old woman whose unable to remember anything and has no sense of danger - She has autism and has recently just been told that she has alzheimers -Age 64-

Father: Alex Grey -Died just before Zachary was born at the age of 43 from a heart-attack that could of been prevented.

Sisters: Stella Grey, aged 31 is a local career's woman working as a lawyer in a very well known firm. Stella and Lorenzo no longer stay in contact due to heated arguments and a dislike for one another.

Kelly Grey - Still born - In the Grey family a set of twins are always normally born but one usually dies at birth due to genetics or later on at a early age, no set of twins survive pass the age of 14.

Brothers: Lorenzo Grey - Zack's twin who survive'd child birth but died in the next five months of his life. This is the reason why he took on his brother's name.


Character Description: Lorenzo can be seen as a bit of a charmer around the office often flirting or flashing a grin at anyone; be it male or female. Lorenzo has 'decent' looks and can be a bit of a joker but normally its just a facade to hide something deeper that's bothering him. His personality is often masked as the 'fool' the 'joke' and no one can really take him seriously due to that which often makes him the outcast on events and trips.

He's unable to make friends easily and often or not is found as a annoyance which does bother him but he simply smiles away and doesn't bother, he prefers being seen as a joke rather then a pity cause. Yet the only reason he does these things is to gain attention - attention from anybody to talk to him but he often finds himself left out and alone.

Character History: Zack at a young age had to look after his mother, Lily due to her high level of autism and the fact he had a twin, a twin brother who he would never see as well as a father. Zack and Stella often fought due to the fact he should get a education and not bother over there mother who was getting older and more 'ill' by the day.

Stella normally left the house to live with a friend or boyfriend at the time, Zack didn't like it and first tried to do something about it but slowly he give'd up finding no use and as Lily's condition grew worse so did Zack's behavior to his older sister, she was the oldest, she was suppose to be the mature one! What could he do?

He was just a eight year old boy and she was a sixteen year teen out doing whatever she wanted, it wasn't fair! But life continued and Zack found himself failing school more and more as he grew older along with his mother, always looking after her, making sure she was well care'd for.

Family mattered to him, greatly but as he continued to give to his mother, the less he give'd to himself often forgetting to eat or clean himself which caused bullying at the local high school he went to.

No one was willing to help much, his family was poor, very poor and soon he gained depression and soon started to act out in class for some sort attention or relief from stress, unable to cope at home with the huge responsibility of looking after his mother while his sister was nowhere to seen.

Zachary had matured to fast for his age and often felt envy, dislike or even hate among his peers who had families they could go home to while he had to be a parent towards his mother and doing odd jobs to gain money for them to live.

He would never be able to go to college.

Yet as he turned nineteen he caught a lucky break, something happened and he ended up with a local job as a journalist along with a small scar on his hand to remind him of that moment, that dreadful moment.

Yet life continued the same and Lorenzo felt as nothing had changed.


OC Character - Zack 'Lorenzo' Grey

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OC Character - Zack 'Lorenzo' Grey
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